A Boy In The African Wilds

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My name is Luka, and I am ten years old. I was lucky to recently spend ten days of my school holidays in Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa –  where I spent the first eight years of my life. My mom was a guide in Madikwe, and I had my first game drive when I was […]

Lion Settles in Zinave – The First in 30 Years

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A large nomad lion has settled in the remote Zinave National Park, Mozambique, and there is evidence that a lioness has joined him. This extraordinary story of Africa’s apex predator recolonizing a former range is being hailed as a conservation success story. This park was ravaged during the Mozambique civil war that ended in 1992 […]

A Fighting Chance at Kapama!

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This past week South Africa’s Kapama celebrated the birth of a new rhino calf. Every new rhino born into the world is an incredible thing. However, this story did not have such a glamorous beginning. Over five years ago, on 19 January 2016, the mother of the rhino calf endured an attack from poachers and […]

Nairobi’s It Girls!

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No one knows a city better than the people who live there. As part of a new “Under the Hood” safari experience, Angama teamed up with two of Nairobi’s coolest!     Effortlessly chic, Annabel Onyango and Patricia Kihoro are two of Nairobi’s best-known tastemakers. Annabel (@annabelonyango) is a stylist, though studied as an environmental […]

Africa Through Andrew Ling Lens

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“I’m beyond excited for this opportunity — my first time to Africa. I hope to be inspired. To always be curious. To learn as much as I can about this new (to me) environment. I’m looking forward to getting to know the people, the land, the culture — and tying it all back together. Protecting […]

Lewa Wilderness!

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There exists a wilderness in the highlands of Kenya where love, labor and a little luck created a conservation model so successful that it has shaped the fortunes of the land and communities around it. Today, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is a haven for the rare and wonderful wildlife of the region while simultaneously offering one […]

What To Pack On Safari

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The thought of packing for an African safari is sometimes intimidating—you hear about all kinds of restrictions, especially when flying on small charter planes who only accept luggage under 40 pounds in soft sided luggage.     While a big trip can always bring some stress with it in getting ready, there’s no need to […]

Record Breaking Numbers!

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Record-breaking numbers of male lions and endangered vultures mark yet another brilliant week in the Mara!     It’s a wonderful time to be in the Mara at the moment, especially if you are a birder as the migratory birds are moving through on their annual southward journey. Here, the elephants’ great strides disrupt all […]

Fun Chameleon Facts!

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Often small things will be overlooked while out on an African safari.  Most guests are interested in the Big Five as they are incredible and impressive creatures to see out in the wild. But often during a sunset drive, an assistant guide will motion for the guide to stop, he will get off the vehicle, […]

Celebrating a Lion

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Last week as I looked through the recording booth at a famous actor while directing him through the words for our latest film. It was the voice of Scar from The Lion King that I was hearing! The  movie that made the world want to go on Safari!   This new movie will be the […]